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Catering, Housekeeping & Cleaning Consultancy with a Commercial Edge

Since 1998, Provision has supported organisations in education, healthcare, industry and business with astute consultancy and management advice. By saving our clients time, they can retain focus on their primary roles. Our experience, expertise, insights and tools ensure that catering, cleaning and housekeeping disciplines deliver value, both as in-house and outsourced operations.

Here’s how we help
Here’s how we help
Here’s how we help
Here’s how we help

Moving Further Forward

For catering and housekeeping services in education and healthcare, Provision is allied to the renowned Continuous Advancement Programme (CAP Awards). Organisations in these sectors can use Provision’s experience and expertise to set themselves up to join the CAP Programme. They will then benefit from on-going engagement and benchmarking, continuous advice and in-depth roadmaps to drive improvement and recognise the achievements of staff teams.

For other organisations in business and industry, Provision offers a parallel service that delivers continuing consultancy expertise over longer periods and for larger projects.


Taking Action

Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge, an initial assessment will quickly identify deficiencies or inefficiencies ripe for improvement in catering, housekeeping and cleaning services. Knowing how to rectify shortcoming to get the best out of these services takes experience and expertise. Provision’s strategic advice and unambiguous, documented guidelines saves organisations valuable time, allowing them to take rapid action to implement effective change.


Expert Metrics

Across all disciplines in catering and housekeeping, we benchmark performance and achievement against known industry standards and proven best practices. The initial deliverable is a set of invaluable data metrics that position an organisation against it peers and competitors. The ultimate outcome is the opportunity to drive change with reassuringly measurable results. Our clients are acknowledged for delivering excellent services. We help them achieve this without an investment in time or worry.

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